Previous work

Projects and Design

What we are dealing with at the moment

Newbuilding Supervision

• Monitoring and approval of drawings of 7 new buildings in Shanghai (CN)
• General Cargo 8055 t DWT

Projects and Drawings

• Design and analysis of iron structures for landing engines from Superyacht
• Supervision of Works

Newbuilding Supervision

• Surveillance and approval of drawings of the M / N Messina railway ferry for FS
• Site Warranty Management
• Punch items and Claims

H&M – P&I

• Intervention for H&M and P&I Underwriters
• Defense Commander
• Passenger & Stakeholder Complaint


• Shipowner advice for wreck removal and Pollution

Special Cargo Project

• Loading of railroad cars for the Rio subway. O2016.
• Stowage Verification

H&M - P&I

• Ferry ship collision
• Intervention for H&M and P&I Underwriters
• Repairs and Followup

Special Cargo Project Military Vehicle

• Stowage and verification of stowage

Yacht & Leisure Boats

• H&M – P&I Survey

Ballast Water treatment System Design