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- STN Romano Network -

Oslo (NO)

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Miami (US)

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Panama City (PA)

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London (UK)

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Rijeka (HR)

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Piraeus (GR)

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Beirut (LB)

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Singapore (SG)

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Shanghai (CN)

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Buenos Aires (AR)

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Cape Town (ZA)

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Naples (IT)

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From the Mediterranean to the Far East, from the Americas to Africa, the STN Romano Studio is present in the world’s major maritime hubs.
Our global network of correspondents allows us to intervene quickly, have a global and unified vision and build strong business relationships from Naples, Oslo, Miami, Athens, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and others, as shown on the map.
This is to guarantee our clients directed by the STN Romano with local Surveyors who will be able to intervene in the geographical areas with the consequent benefits for the Client.

- Advantages of the STN Romano Network -

Flexibility, response times and cost reductiondei costi

STN On-Site Surveyor

Knowledge and experience of the places of intervention

Management and Reporting with standard Roman STN

Access to specialized internal units and resources

Language and Translations

Uniformity in the management of expert reports

Differenti Know how ed expertise

Our correspondents and Partners enrich the know-how of the Studio Tecnico Navale Romano , thanks to their previous experiences and our renewed synergy. Ballast Water Treatment System, Scubbers, On-voyage Repairs, Oil and Gas are just some of the focuses of our partners and correspondents, and therefore ours.