What we do


Insurance and P&I Clubs

The STN Romano Team provides services to P&I Club and Insurances to protect their interests during maritime failures and accidents. STN Romano acts promptly with the sole purpose of providing services focused on the principal's requests.


The STN Romano team provides consultancy services to the various stakeholders involved in the maritime, offshore and terminal world.

• Hull & Machineries surveys
• P&I surveys
• Maritime accident investigation
• Warranty surveys
• ON / OFF hire surveys
• Bunker survey
• Condition surveys
• Emergency response services
• Root cause analysis
• Continue update to principals and stakeholders

• Risk assessment surveys
• Monitoring and compliance with new regulations
• Technical specifications for new constructions and repairs
• Commercial evaluations
• Pre-purchase survey for banks and shipowners
• Condition surveys
• Feasibility studies
• Advice for shipowners and law firms
• Consulting for ministries, courts and other entities


STN Romano provide services regarding the transport of goods by sea and by road. Our technicians and experts operate in the sole interest of satisfying the customer's requests and minimising the risks in transport, assessing the causes and conditions of the events.


In support of our customers, the team of Engineers, Masters and Chief offers various technical services.

• Preloading Survey
• Cargo Claims (Coils, Bulk, Cont. Etc …)
• Stowage Inspection
• Heavy lift and load lashing
• Project Cargo

• Manual drafting and implementation
(Cargo securing, SOPEP Plan, Firefighting etc …)
• ISM quality systems & ISPS code
• Ship stability & weighing tests
• Sea trials
• Safety Plans
• Drawing approval
• Technical assistance during maritime repairs

Non-destructive Checks

The STN Romano, adhere to the highest international standards and in accordance with the relevant certifications, performs non-destructive checks on the hull and machines.

Project Management​

The Firm offers project management services to Shipowners and Operators, both liaising with their technical offices or as autonomous management. STN Romano uses the most advanced methods for quality / time and cost control of the order by offering an ad hoc service for each project and customer.

• Measurement of thicknesses
• Check of the watertight integrity of the hatches
• Check for corrosion and inclusions

• New Building Supervision
• Supervision of repairs
• Drawing approval
• Preparation for class and statutory visits.
• Estimate and specific preparation for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

Yacht & Leisure Boat

The Firm offers its customers specialized services in the world of Yachts and Mega Yachts.

Causes, and arbitrations & Law firms

The Romano naval technical office assists its clients in lawsuits, arbitrations, CTUs, CPUs relating to maritime accidents, ship operations, accidents and consultancy. Our trademark is our focus and experience in transferring technical information in a short timeframe to clients of different backgrounds.

• New building Supervision and Management
• Survey for banks and insurances
• Condition survey
• Technical advice
• Accident investigation
• Wreck removal
• Anti-pollution measures

• Technical arbitrations

A reliable partner

Many disciplines, a single firm

The Studio Tecnico Navale Romano carries out its activity in the naval sector as experts operating in the field of maritime transport on behalf of major national insurance companies such as “Body and Machinery” (H&M) experts as well as everything related to transport, loading, control at the loading and unloading of goods. Furthermore, as a P&I expert, he carries out control and certification activities on the state of the naval units on behalf of leading national and above all international “hiring bodies” insurance companies.

The Studio Tecnico Navale Romano Firm deals with: design, modifications / adaptations of ship structures, risk assessment, ship stability calculations, consultancy for flag changes and non-destructive testing activities with ultrasound equipment of naval structures for statutory visits and first Classification carried out by technicians certified by the major Classification Registers. Furthermore, both for pleasure boats and naval units, it carries out commercial assessments and feasibility studies for leading national credit institutions.

Experience and continuous comparison

The synergy of the Studio Tecnico Navale Romano is given not only by the great experience gained, but also by a constant and continuous comparison with sector associations, classification registers and the university environment through the exchange of knowledge and experience that puts the members of the staff to operate with high standards of updating both from a technical and regulatory point of view in order to be able to offer its customers services that are always in line with the needs of the changing world of shipping.